ZLTK token is issued by Space Terminator Earth Gravity Research Group

We are committed to studying space science, regaining gravity in space

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As human beings deepen their understanding of the surrounding environment and the universe, it is certain that they will sail to explore the universe sooner or later, and then gain space gravity.

People have a curious psychology. The more mysterious they are, the more they want to find out. Space is the dream of mankind, and it is also the home of mankind in the future.

Keep it simple

Our members come from all over North America, we have common interests and hobbies, and have persisted for a long time, our wishes are the same.

If you have your own views on regaining gravity, please follow us on Twitter and send your views

The original intention of doing this

Due to the development of virtual currency, many people have realized the freedom of wealth because of their early exposure to virtual currency, but many people are eager for virtual currency to achieve better value.

Our goal is to let those who are exposed to virtual currency to achieve free wealth sponsor us and do some truly ideal things for this world.

Project details

ZLTK is a decentralized deflation token based on the Huobi ecological chain. The ZLTK community is confident to create a miracle loyal to the field of space research.

1,000,000,000,000 of the tokens have been destroyed, and 39,200,000,000 are retained by the gravity research team. The remaining 80,800,000 pieces will be used for the development and use of airdrop recognition and natural circulation contracts.

How to own zltk, ZLTK has been launched on the xmdex decentralized exchange, and it can be exchanged at present. You can purchase ZLTK directly without transaction fees, and purchase ZLTK through MDEX.COM at the lowest price.


  • Original reserved, used for zltk development.
  • Free market funding
  • Subscription and community airdrop
  • Volunteer reward agreement development


  • Why is the total issuance 1120000000000 ?

    Because human beings lose the gravity of the earth at 11.2km/s or more, we use this value as a reference. We hope this is a fresh start

  • Contract address


  • Your gravity team development plan?

    After the project has accumulated a certain amount of funds, we will formally establish a company in North America and begin to establish multi-party cooperation with other related groups. And began to recruit people in these markets to create job opportunities. We will work with aerospace companies and begin to develop a landing plan for this project.

  • If you want to donate to developers, please send HT, ZLTK here. thanks for your support!


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